Invisible Bright

  • Non-permanent
  • Light-reflective in the dark
  • Designed for textiles

Albedo100 Invisible Bright is a spray with light-reflective properties designed for use on textiles. The spray is virtually invisible in daylight but light-reflective in the dark.

Suggested applications

The reflective effect is useful for the evening walk, jog or bike ride. Increase the visibility and safety of yourself and your children in traffic by spraying your clothes and other textiles such as shoes, a pushchair, rucksack etc.

Invisible Bright works best on natural textiles and textiles with structure such as fleece, cotton and wool. The effect may be limited on shiny synthetic materials. We advise against using on leather or suede.

Albedo100 Invisible Bright WashableWashableAlbedo100 Invisible Bright Water ResistantWater Resistant

Albedo100 Invisible Bright creates a fine surface that is invisible in daylight but light-reflective in the dark. The spray reflects in the same direction as the light source. This means it is only the person behind the light source that can see the reflection. Test the effect by shining a light, held at eye-level, upon the sprayed surface. Alternatively taking a photo with flash e.g with your mobile phone camera, or watching the object from a car with the headlights on, from a distance.
  • Runner
  • Back Pack
  • Shoes